Do YOU want to FINALLY break free from the shackles of NEVER ENDING weight loss & weight gain?

If your answer if yes, then you've come to the right place.

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Fat Loss Program

Follow The Initial Step-By-Step Process That We Use With Our Clients That See Both The Numbers On The Scales & Measurements Drop In As Little As 5 Days.


At RE:NU, we help busy women who are frustrated with the never ending yo-yo cycle of weight loss by rekindling their love for food again, whilst also helping them drop dress sizes in the process.  

So far, our methods to date have helped our women achieve these incredible results...

We work on 4 key areas to help you get from where you are now to your desired goal.


Years of dieting have probably left you feeling really confused with what foods are best to eat for weight loss?

Not to mention the feelings of guilt surrounded with having "bad" foods.

We simplify all of this for you so that you finally achieve food freedom and guilt is no longer a thing.


Exercise play an important role in our lives, not from a weight loss perspective, but from a health perspective.

We understand that the thought of stepping foot in a gym might sound intimidating to you?

So, we provide a solution where you can exercise alongside us in the comfort of your own home.


Weight loss on paper is dead simple.

However there are multiple things can stop us from achieving this, and more often than not, it's to do with our minds.

We place a big focus on mindset as we truly believe that when you're in full control of any situation that is presented to you, you're unstoppable.


A supportive and motivational environment is key to your success.

We also know that trying to lose weight on your own can be a lonely and difficult at time. 

That's why we work hard to provide you with a community (aka our Tribe) of like minded women who are on the exact same path as you are. 


We do things a bit differently here...

You won't hear us talk about good or bad foods. In fact, you won't hear us telling you to ban any foods.

You won't hear us telling you to exercise for hours a day, several times a week.

You won't see us prescribing you weird and wonderful "supplements"... that actually don't work.


Because that approach has already, or is failing you right now. 

It's an approach that leaves you with a poor relationship with food and a skewed perspective on exercise, not to mention lighter on cash too.

Instead we'll show you what real world weight loss is all about. 

A real world system that will see you still being able to enjoy the foods you like, give you time back in your already busy schedule and save you some money too.


Here's what a few of our ladies are saying...

"I would say you are the Patron Saint of Health and Fitness"

You have helped me get where I am today and also made me realise what has prevented ted me in the past from getting fit. Your group life is the most impressive thing I have ever experienced and leaves all other weight loss plans in the background by miles. I will never join another diet club again.


"I would say don't hesitate, do it. This is a huge learning curve for my life, not just a whim."

The past 12 weeks have been such a game changer for me. I have learnt so much about what I put into my body, and how to balance a bit of everything I fancy. I have gained a loved of exercise, and got myself fit and strong.
All this with my 3 children alongside who have seen me make massive changes. I hope they too will learn from this programme, and remember the time when mum got her sh1t together finally!
Thankyou Chris and Steph!


"A massive thank you! For the first time in years I am losing weight , enjoying eating good food and exercising."

I no longer binge eat but still enjoy a treat without feeling guilt. New clothes required and I am determined to be fit and forty, not fat at forty.


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