Let's talk about the most important person in all of this, you.

That's right, you come first.

Not us, or the company, you..

and this is where we place all of our focus on, you and your results.

If you're anything like the women who we work with, you've tried a few things in your time in order to lose weight...

Cutting carbs, maybe even the dreaded keto diet?

Diet supplements?

Drastically cutting your food intake?

Exercising endlessly?

Slimming clubs?

and more.

I'm guessing too that these things above haven't quite worked out for you either, and in turn they have left you tired, confused and frustrated with the whole process.

You'll have got results initially though, but then over time you've found it really hard to stick to and unfortunately the weight crept back on, leaving you with a lack of both self esteem and confidence and having to buy larger fitting clothes.

See, we know this because this is what our women tell us when they start working with us. 

We know that you've had a rough time and that the weight loss industry has failed you, multiple times.

The good news for you though is...

1) It's not your fault

2) You're not alone

Chances are, you're a busy women with big demands placed on you.

Both your work and family life take a good chunk of your time and energy, so the last thing you want is to have to follow some daft plan (like those above ^^^) that don't fit into your current lifestyle.  

Instead you need something that:

1)  Is time efficient

2) The whole family can enjoy

3) Delivers not just amazing, but sustainable results too

All meaning that you can finally get off the yo-yo weight rollercoaster that you've been on for years.  

Am I right?

about us

The one's who are going to help you get to where you want to be

Now that you feel confident that we understand you and your needs, we'll give a quick introduction to ourselves 

Hi, I'm Chris and one half of RE:NU, the one with the least hair.

I'm both a Personal Trainer and a fully qualified Nutritionist with one thing constantly on my mind... getting clients results.

I coach in a very straight talking manner, but I'm always there if you need a virtual hug too.

If we're to ever be on a team RE:NU social outing, you can always feel free to buy me a pint of Moretti if you like :-)

Hey, Steph here, the other half of RE:NU, and definitely the one with the most hair :-)

I'm Personal Trainer and I love nothing more than bouncing around, teaching online classes for our ladies. 

Whilst Chris is more of a straight talker, you'll get more hugs from me.

I don't really drink a lot to be honest, mainly because I'm an absolute lightweight... give me jam roly-poly instead though :-)


At RE:NU Coaching we transform busy, time poor women who crave more self-esteem & confidence into the women they deserve to be.

These women have tried everything, from slimming clubs, back to back circuit and spin classes and countless hours online tawling for the next free detox plan, not to mention the vast amounts of money spent on the shakes, low-calorie diets and fat loss supplements… with the only results being exhaustion, binge eating, an empty purse and frustrated with feeling like they’re going nowhere.

Our 3-step Triple R Formula takes you through the fundamental aspects of weight loss by providing you with all the tools and knowledge so that you not only know what you’re doing, but more importantly why you’re doing it too.

These two combined will see you keep your new found body in shape for the rest of your life, rather than quickly going back to square one again.

Imagine how relieving it will feel to finally follow a plan that not only fits perfectly into your lifestyle, but includes foods that you enjoy every single day.

Food avoidance and strict diets don’t appear in our vocabulary, and we certainly don’t tell you to cut out alcohol… who doesn’t love a glass of wine with their favorite meal? 

Imagine how motivating it will feel following this plan and seeing the numbers on the scales drop and the inches falling from your body week on week.

Our formula has in fact helped our women lose a staggering 300lbs and 1000 inches collectively, whilst also seeing their confidence skyrocket and helped them rekindle their love for themselves again. 

Imagine how supported you will feel being surrounded by women on the exact same journey as you.

We provide a caring female only, close knit community, where every woman is welcomed with open arms and given the support and love that they need in order to succeed.

Not only will you achieve your ultimate body and mind transformation, you’ll also become part of our Tribe. 

One thing that you won’t like about us though is that you’ll probably need to go on a shopping spree for a new wardrobe and even book a beach holiday too to show off your new slender self… Apologies in advance for this.

I mean, after all, we can’t be perfect :-)