Just some of the women who we have helped to date.

Will you be the next woman that we celebrate?

Meet Christine

Without the right t​ools and knowledge, Christine felt lost...

Meet Louise

Louie's biggest problem was not being able to stick to a diet, which left her feeling very low as she couldn't stop binging and eating rubbish...

Meet Gemma

No matter what Gemma was doing, nothing was working for her...


"I can’t even begin to describe what you have done for me. The way I feel now compared to 12 weeks ago is phenomenal. Thank you so much."


"The dedication and commitment from Chris it’s something you don’t get with any other slimming programs, it’s pretty unique and something I’ve not experienced throughout my life of trying to lose weight and following diet plans."

Meet Lydia

Lydia hit a point where things became stagnant and she knew that she needed consistency and structure again...

Meet Steph

Hormones and age were Steph's perceived barriers that she thought stopped her from losing weight...

Meet Helen

From doing hundred of sit ups a day and countless diets, Helen had tried everything...


"I definitely would recommend. The support and encouragement you get is like no other plan or challenge I have done."


"I would highly recommend working with you, i managed to lose a stone, nearly 50cms, go to the USA on holiday and maintain my weight and have 13 Xmas dinners throughout December as well as numerous amounts of alcohol and also maintain my weight! I also made my first Xmas dinner for my family and poisoned nobody!
Normally by the time January comes around I’m feeling pretty crappy about myself and trying to get to the gym to lose the Xmas weight!
This year, I feel great, I’m going to the gym and eating properly and drinking but with no pressure!"